Fire Doors Types

Fire Rated Single and Double Leaf Doors in Bangalore

One of the most serious dangers amid fire crisis is having the fire spread wildly. It can put individuals at danger of getting to be noticeably caught inside a consuming building. That is the reason a putting resources into an outer fire entryway, which anticipates spread of flame, smoke and gas – is an assurance of your security.
Before we dive into all the fascinating insights about fire doors development, establishment and utilization, andFire rated doors suppliers, manufacturers and service providers in Bangalore it is imperative to comprehend why you would require this data in any case. Let us have a look;

What is a Fire Door?
A fire door is a door with an imperviousness to fire rating utilized as a major aspect of a fire fighting system to minimize the spread of flame and smoke between particular compartments of a structure and to empower safe departure from a building or structure or even a vessel. Fire doors have two imperative capacities in a fire; when shut they shape a hindrance to stop the spread of flame and when opened they give a ways to get out.
The following are three reasons why fire resistant doors are a flat out need in any building/ structure/ vessel.

They help counteract spread of flame and smoke

The fundamental motivation behind fire doors is to keep the fire and smoke from spreading to different structures or to different parts of the building. This likewise makes them ideal for use as get to ways to crisis staircases as you can rest guaranteed that you won't have destructive smoke or flotsam and jetsam pursuing you as you keep running for your life.

They offer safe leave courses amid flames

With standard wooden entryway ys, the casing and entryway for the most part burst into flames nearby whatever remains of the building catching those inside. Glass and steel material entryways turn out to be amazingly hot and extremely risky to deal with. With outer fire entryways then again, they are work to withstand warmth and weight and will along these lines stay cool and in place all through the fire. This offers tenants of the building safe leave courses amid the flames where the entryways are uniquely adjusted to fill in as escape ways out.

In a few structures they are mandatory

This applies to vast structures, for example, office pieces and loft structures where there is a danger of numerous losses in the event of flame. It shows up as a prerequisite under various construction standards. This doesn't have any significant bearing to all states yet the rationale and reason for existing is evident
A very much outlined timber fire door will postpone the spread of flame and smoke without making excessively block the development of individuals and products. Each fire door is consequently required to go about as a boundary to the section of smoke as well as flame to shifting degrees contingent on its area in a building and the fire risks related with that building. The principle classes of flame doors are FD30 and FD60 fire doors which offer 30 and an hour’s protection from fire. The different type of door available:
  • Fire Rated Single Door
  • Fire Rated Single Leaf Doors
  • Fire Rated Double Leaf Doors
  • Fire Rated Double Doors
Benefits And Features of fire rated doors in bangalore
A definitive purpose behind the production of flame doors was to save lives. Large portions of the structures we work in and live in are required to introduce fire doors for that correct reason: to save lives. Fire doors are so successful in making a protected obstruction between the fire and the casualty. Fire doors are fundamental to all homes, workplaces and open regions, they help to keep the spread of flame and can make a sheltered crisis leave, make a point to check for composite entryways that are up to standard.
Now knowing why you would require a fire door, the following critical things to know to pay special mind to when you are looking for one of these fire resistant marvels. The following are the key features of the doors.
Endothermic fillers: These are in charge of the door’s warmth safe nature. They likewise figure out the fire door rating which is a measure of warmth resistance in hours. Probably the most well-known fillers incorporate gypsum and silicone.
Vermiculite boards: These fortify the wooden entryway structure and keep it from bursting into flames
Fire, gas and smoke seals: This is one of the key elements that fire doors. They are normally introduced along the door jamb as a method for keeping the fire, smoke, lethal exhaust and inflammable gasses from spreading.
Reinforced glass windows: The glass windows are once in a while joined into the outline and development of flame entryways. They are typically fortified with things like metallic cross sections to guarantee that they don't split underweight or introduction to the warmth.
Special lock mechanisms: Regularly, fire entryways are intended to stay shut at all circumstances keeping in mind the end goal to fill their need of counteracting flame spreads. Distinctive components including positive hook frameworks and electromagnetic secures are utilized this case. Notwithstanding, there are some that are changed to likewise fill in as crisis leave courses. For this situation, they are anything but difficult to open yet will bolt themselves promptly the general population pass.
Fire door specifications available with us
Standard Sizes Available
  • 900 X 2100 MM
  • 1000 X 2100 MM
  • 1200 X 2100 MM
  • 1500 X 2400 MM
  • 1800 X 2400 MM
Fire Rating Available
  • 30 MINUTE
  • 60 MINUTE
  • 90 MINUTE
  • 120 MINUTE
List of few hardware used in fire door
  • Stainless Steel Ball Bearing Butt Hinges (3" x 4" x 3 mm)
  • Dead Lock with D - Handle OR  Sash Lock with Lever Handle.
  • One Point Latch Panic Bar for Single Leaf Shutter.
  • Three Point Latch Panic Bar for Double Leaf Shutter.
  • External Trim with keys to access Panic Bar from Outside.
  • Vision Panel (a small window to look through) size can be as per client requirement.
  • Tower Bolt for Double Door.
We have also compiled a list of common terms associated with fire doors
  • Fire resistant doors
  • Fire retardant doors
  • Fire rated doors
  • Fire proof doors
  • Fire check doors
  • Fire exit doors
  • Push bar doors
  • Emergency exit doors
Fire doors find application almost everywhere inside buildings, structures where fire protection systems are installed and saving lives is a concern. We have slated down few strategically chosen spots where installing fire doors can beneficial.
  • Lift Lobby
  • Staircase
  • Ahu Room
  • Hub Room
  • Data Centre Room
  • Equipment Room
  • AC Plant Room
  • Generator/ Machine Room
  • Corridor
  • Server Room
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