Top 10 Reason Building Organisers Must Understand The Importance of Fire Doors

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Fire rated doors builder in bangalore

Fire Doors are one of the essential parts of any building. These Doors have an ability of Fire resistance which in the case of Emergency protects lives and other infrastructure in many ways.In India, the best fire doors are manufactured in Bangalore.

1. Escaping

The Basic purpose of why Fire doors are manufactured and used is for Escaping purposes.As they are installed at a special side of buildings which in the case of emergency provide a safe, protected route tackle the fire up to 30 minutes which allows time for inhabitants of a building to escape.

2. Prevent from Spreading of Fire

Fire doors are made with a special core, often flax Board or a wood composite material that is slow to burn which helps in controlling the fire and prevents it from spreading Fire doors help to slow the spread of fire and smoke throughout a building, keeping it contained within a certain area for longer.

3. Strengthen the Inner structure

As these Fire Doors are made of an internal fire door leaf is typically made of solid timber. It can be plain or paneled, with a number of finishes which also strengthen the Inner infrastructure of a building

4. Protect the occupants and other contents of a building

These doors are fire resistant as they are made of the material that prevents the fire from penetrating due to which the lives and the other infrastructures are safe in the enclosure surrounded by the fire doors.
5. Termite Resistant

Termites have earned their most dangerous threat status due to their classification as social insects. Most of the time these termites Left undetected and untreated, these termites can cause extensive damage to doors windows and other infrastructures as these fire doors are made up of combination of various materials such as gypsum, steel, timber, Vermiculite boards and aluminium as all these materials are anti-termite material which stops the damage done by the termites

6. Durable

These Fire Doors are more durable as compared to the normal doors.The Material used in making these Doors is solid timber which is one of the strongest woods. Another material used is aluminum, Glass Gypsum, and steel which makes these doors stronger with a  long life span.  
7. Low Maintenance

The fire doors manufactured in Bangalore are manufactured using the highest choice of materials and finishes as the material used is best of all kind

8. Eco-Friendly 

These fire doors are manufactured using timber wood which doesn’t harm the environment

9. User-Friendly

It is very easy to operate a fire door as it only consist of a big lever under the case of emergency one could easily escape the Building by just lifting the Lever this quality of Fire doors make them user-friendly

10. Water Proof

The fire doors are very Versatile in Nature as they are not only fire Resistant but also get unaffected by the water
SO, these are the 10 reasons Reason why Building organizer must understand the Importance of Fire Doors as in India the Fire safety doors manufacturer from Bangalore

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