5 Simple Facts About what to do when the fire alarm sounds

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Fire is something that can be beautiful, but there is another phase that is dark and ugly. There are many incidents happened in the history where the fire killed thousands of lives and turned things into ash. Why do such things happen? It’s clear that no one can control such things, but taking few precautions can prevent incidents to take at first place. Nowadays, people install fire equipment like there are fires rated doors in Bangalore which block fire to enter. However, understanding about the situations is also crucial; it helps to decide the steps that you should have to take.

What to do and what to know?

Fire alarms are one of the easiest and safest options that can alert people about the fire, however, sometimes people fail to understand or ignore the signals. Thus, this ignorance leads fire destruction and many people lose their life or Here are top 5 facts about what to do when you hear fire alarms:-

What to do when you hear alarm first?

When you discover the fire alarm first make sure you alert other people as well. Knock their doors and warn them, make sure no one is inside the building or the place where you heard the alarm. In such cases having fire door can be a huge relief, for installing these you can contact with, fire rated doors dealers in Bangalore

Do not waste your time at fire place

After hearing alarm, leave the spot as soon as you can, many people stop to gather their things or belongings which can be dangerous, there is a huge chance that you will get caught in a fire.

Contact with the fire help

Use emergency fire number and contact with fire helpers, make sure you have given enough information about the situation which helps them to understand and so they can act fast, don’t cut the call or don’t give half information, stay with them until they get everything from you.

Do not run or get frightened

Most of the time, people lose their calm in such situation, it’s important to stay cool and collected and help other people to do that same. Use your mind and senses and try to make an escape plan, use exit or emergency door or use other options if it’s available. Don’t rush as it can cause stampede or harm you or others in some other ways.

Don’t use lifts or anything like that

If you are stuck at the floor then it’s wise to not use the lift, as in fire situation there are chances that lift can stop in middle, it’s better to use stairs or stay where you are if existing door is too far. That’s why most of the building or hotels have fire doors, so for keeping your building safe from fire, talk with suppliers. You can get the best fire rated doors suppliers in Bangalore which can provide assurance of complete fire safety.

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